The Bamenda central market was today 29 August, 2017 shut down by security forces. According to traders in the market, they only came in this morning to find out that their shops had been double locked with security agents surrounding the market premises.

Those who attempted making their way into the market received strict warning from the security forces who surrounded the area. The instructions were simple, “you are not allowed to open today”. Further explanations were demanded but answers have not been provided.

The exact causes of the close down have not been known for the time being but many accusing fingers are being pointed to the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council. 

Accusations are base on the fact that the Government Delegate in an exclusive meeting with all traders from the Bamenda central market, had urged them not to respect Ghost towns, but rather to concentrate on sending their children to school, come Monday 04 September.

Many parents and traders who attended the meeting, openly declared they cannot send their children to school while others are in jail. They equally refused to disobey ghost towns last monday 28 August, 2017.

As of when this report was written, many are still in total confusion and panic of what the likely outcome of such a gesture might be. 

Stay posted to this site, while we investigate the causes of the closedown.