Tamo Giresse La Merveille 

Tamo Giresse La Merveille is currently the highest goal scorer for  Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda, commonly known by its acronym YOSA. 
His expert knowledge at the up front and his ceaseless scoring abilities have all qualified him as a scarce specie as far as the game of football is concerned in the country. 

His tactical disposition and technical know-how in controlling and supplying the ball to his team mates attracts the attention of many.  Not even the legendary African football icon could resist his scoring frenzy. 

His persistent penchant for scoring explains more as to how he has managed to rise and remain top on the scoring chat in his team. Tamo Giresse has been described by his team coach as a square peck in a square hole. YOSA remains proud to have him. 

His personal achievement tally continues to rise. After being voted player of the month, Tamo Giresse La Merveille looks forward to making his team, fans and well-wishers proud of him. Who knows? International attention might be attracted… 

By: Toh Carlson in Buea. 

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