The Portuguese superstar and Real Madrid forward has urged Neymar Jr to stay at the Nou Camp side. 

Cristiano Ronaldo reacted to Neymar’s decision to leave Barcelona for Paris saint Germain, calling on Neymar to rather secure a move to Old Trafford,  if he really wants to leave Barca. 

Neymar has recently been linked to PSG, a move that would certainly make him world’s most expensive player if the deal seals through. 

Despite their bitter rivalry in Spain, Ronaldo and Neymar are friends especially as they are both sponsored by NIKE. 

Ronaldo is reported to have sent a series of messages to Neymar, telling him not to make the move to French side PSG. Ronaldo considers this a backward step in Neymar’s career,  advising him to rather secure a move to Manchester United. 

Reports say Neymar has already made his intentions clear to the Barcelona management. And his father who is also his manager has also arranged a series of meetings with the team, for talks about Neymar’s future. 


(Toh Carlson Yuh) 

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