Overview of the Paul Biya 60000 capacity stadium in Olembe
Despite numerous speculations and rumours that Cameroon might loose the hosting of the 2019 AFCON  to either Morocco or Algeria, the government has proven they are up to the task. 

Construction works have heightened in the country with the Japoma 50000 capacity stadium in Douala and the Paul Biya 60000 capacity stadium in Olembe Yaounde topping the race. The Turkish firm Yenugen and Italian construction firm Piccini are in charge of the construction works respectively. 

Authorities in charge have asserted that they can deliver the different stadia at their respective datelines, come November 2018. 

Cameroon is expected to deliver a total of 30 stadia to the authorities in charge of the tournament, before they can be declared fit to host this tournament .  With this high demand, rehabilitation works are currently going on in the already existing stadia,  while others are being constructed. 

Other facilities such as accommodation, health and feeding facilities are also under serious work to ensure that the delegations that would be coming in to the country, have the best of resources. 

With all these preparations underway, we can not help but pray for a successful tournament, come 2019.

By: Toh Carlson in Buea. 

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