Damaged cars at the accident scene

The accident occurred at about 11:30 am today 05 July, 2017,  at the University of Buea Junction, involving two private cars and a taxi. 

Both cars were reported by witnesses to have been on top speed with the taxi struggling to take advantage of the space ahead of him to get into the the University campus. On the other hand, the private car driving towards mile 17 was rushing to pass ahead of the taxi which had already taken the bend to get into the University campus. 

The third car involved in the accident was another private car which was driving too close to the taxi, and so was forced to hit the taxi from behind when it collided with the private car. 

This accident is just one out of a few that occur on a daily basis,  within the Buea municipality and beyond. And all have been as a result of overspeeding and reckless driving. 

However, in a position as busy and delicate like the University Junction, forces of and order and the authorities that be should ensure proper road controls be carried out to ensure students safety. 
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By: Toh Carlson Yuh.