Germany lifts the trophy

    Germany team A, are on vacation with their wives, children, friends and family members. What a time for them??? The likes of Thomas Muller, Mesut Oil,Manuel Never and a host of others are on break while 

Germany team B at the Confederations Cup in Russia have made their way to the helm of this football competition. The likes of Ter Stergen, Hector Bellerin,  Draxler, Kimich  and a host of others have had the chance to showcase their potentials?  What a way of displaying talents? Joakim Loew has tried it and it works for him. 

The last stage,  Germany under 21 were world champions a few days ago.  What a country? What a period for them?  They got the 2014 world Cup in Brazil and the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia. 

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