Here is the goal

    It was a fair contest from the beginning of the match when both sides made known their intentions. Almost every ball possession materialized to an attack in one way or the other. 

  A promising German buildup saw Lars Stindl smashing the ball into Claudio Bravo’s net. All the goalkeeper and Chilean captain could do was watch and meditate. Surely it was Germany 1,  Chile 0.

After this goal,  the Germans were put to serious work by the Chilean team but their defense managed to keep their calm and play the ball. The pressure kept coming until the half time whistle was blown. 

  The second half of the game was a busy half for both players, fans, coaches and of course the referee.  Every single ball led to an attacking effort but each defenses managed to do their job, although Germany was still in front. 

  Towards the end of the match, the German goalkeeper Marc Ter Stegen was visibly the busier of the keepers as attempts kept coming in from far and wide but the German goalkeeper materialised on all these, and proved  his worth. It was corner after corner for Chile but none could see Stergen’s net. 

  The magnitude of the match made it a busy day for the referee who continually produced card after card. Indeed,  every mistake was punished. The pressure mounted by the Chileans made it an exciting watch for the thousands of fans in the pitch but the excitement was never complete without a goal. 

  The likes of Alexis Sanchez and Alex Vidal for Chile, mounted pressure but could not penetrate the German defense which was consistently consistent. They had their eyes on the finish line and certainly they got it. 

   The two coaches were kept busy with each thinking towards the title. At the end of the day, it was Joakim Loew who won. It was however fierce encounter,  Chile was punished for their defensive error and the Germans were the Champions of what all started a few weeks back… Surely the 2017 edition of the Confederations Cup in Russia was done and dusted. 

Now is time for coaches and players to prepare for the real combat, come 2018 at the FIFA world Cup. 

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