&Antonella Roccuzzo,#x200b; The Barcelona superstar and Argentina captain whose wedding is set for Friday 30 June 2017, comes with it, things u need to know. 

Messi, who is getting married to his childhood friend Antonella Roccuzzo, has invited all his Barcelona first team team mates, but the people below have not been invited. 

Despite being under Luis Enrique for over 3 years, Messi did not invite him to his wedding nor did he invite any person from Enrique’s board. 

Iniesta and Gérard Pique have also indicated they will not be present for the event. Surprisingly still,  even Leo MESSI’s favourite former coach Pep Guardiola, was not invited to the occasion. 

As wedding gifts, Leo Messi and wife have asked their guests to donate equipment and offer support to the Leo Messi foundation, that supports children’s education, health and well-being… What a player, what a husband, what a legend??? 

Happy matrimony to the football superstar.