*No:* Five (5) volunteers

*Position:* 3 Human Rights Volunteers and 2 HD Video Creators/Editors.

*Deadline for application:* December 10, 2016.

*volunteering duration:* 1-2 weeks renewable (from December 12 – December 19, 2016).
The *Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA),* is looking for 3 Volunteers to assist her in carrying out a research, compile and catalog pieces of evidence, do field reports and draft a HR report on the recent human rights violations orchestrated by security officers during the Bamenda and Buea peaceful demonstrations. 
We are also looking for volunteers who can use facts and create a HD Human Rights video.
*_who is eligible?_*

A) Human Rights Volunteer (HRV)

The candidate must either have a first degree in law, political science, women & gender studies, journalism or any related field or be at the final year of his/her degree.
B) HD Video Creator/Editor (VCe)

The candidate must have very good knowledge of video creation and editing softwares, and present any academic document to attest that he/she is qualified.
*_general eligibility_*

1- Must be able to work under pressure, in a team and provide good input and output.
2- Preference will be given to Candidates having past volunteer experience with a human rights institution or have working experience in editing or creating videos.
3- Basic computer skills is an asset (HRV).
*_how to apply_*

– A motivation letter 
– A Curriculum Vitae
_send soft copies to:_
The Director of CHRDA,

Nkongho Felix Agbor B.


The voluntary work is not remunerated.

The retained volunteers shall work within the prescribed schedule.

Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla
Tel: 679821499

Email: nkongho@chrda.Org
Executive Secretary:

Salim Sango Aliyu
Tel: 675987308

Email: salimsango@yahoo.com
The Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa


P.O. Box 524
Buea, SWR, Cameroon