• In the recent Government Press Release passed on 30 November signed by The Prime Minister Head of Government, Philemon Yang, the people of Cameroon are brought to the notice that the President has signed a decree taking two special measures in order to improve the working conditions of teachers in public and private schools. These measures include;


    –  The disbursement of 2 Billion FCFA to private and public schools.

    – Special recruitment of 1000 young bilingual Cameroonians.


    This decision by the President inarguably seems to add salt to the fresh wounds of Anglophone Cameroonians, teachers in particular. This in no way falls in line with the demands made by teachers. What was intended to be good news to Anglophone teachers is sending loud echoes and ‘electrical shocks’ back to the presidency.

    Popular opinions which surfaced when the communique was released stand to the point that teachers should not take the money because it is a deliberate act to divert the minds of teachers from their initial demands, which we see as true.


    But, looking at it critically, Carlson’s Blog suggests that Teachers should not turn down the money, but rather they should accept it… [Click to Continue reading]