Ways of breaking up with your lover in thisDecember to avoid buying gifts for your lover



1.Ten Missed Calls? You Killed My Battery so

you’re Capable of Killing Me… It’s Over!!!


2.You don’t even respect me. I’m talking and


are busy breathing? It’s over!


3.I called you and you picked up immediately.

You lack patience. It’s over!!


4. I told u I love my food hot but you refused


warm the ice cream. You don’t care about me.

It’s over!


5.I gave u 2 eggs, to boil one and fry the other.

You fried the one you were supposed to boil


boiled the one you were supposed to fry. You


not obedient, It’s over!


6.I call u DARLING and you called me HONEY.

Indirectly, you’re calling my mother a BEE. No

respect for in- laws, pack your bags. its