Join Hon. Joshua Osie and Fru Ndi on a peaceful protest tomorrow 5th December, 10am at Molyko stadium in Buea… Rules of engagement:-
Here are the rules to follow by Journalists Tapang Ivo.
1. No peaceful street protest should have citizens dressed in any form of party uniforms or unique T-shirts carrying messages like Secession or Federalism. Carry only banners or paper placards with our key message — Federalism and Session on dialogue table. Only lawyers dress in their robes. 
I suggest, we could dress in whatever way, without identifying as a group or a political party. Our protest is a non-partisan one. We identify as Anglophones or call it Southern Cameroonians if you wish. 
2. The message is clear — Federalism and Secession on dialogue table. WE want dialogue. I suggest we drop off anything like bad roads, no jobs, etc. All those only help to create confusion and tips off the balance.
3. No hoisting of any flags. No violence. No destruction of properties. No shouting. Have with you a branch of a peace plant if you can find one. We have our brains and phones as our best weapons. 
4. Do not retaliate if you are cursed, pushed, disgraced or watered. Be nice. The war is online and not on the streets. Remember that we showed the U.S. the online images before they sent Paul Biya’s warning letter. I predict that the soldiers would be “nice” next week. They have been well cautioned. 
5. Walk in groups and stay united. When confronted by the soldiers, put your hands in the air. Be as free as possible and do not shout back. Already, we are winning and we should absorb as many provocations as possible. 
6. If you see something, record something. Your phones beat bullets and teargas. Respect what the lawyers tell you. Follow the social media regularly. 
Invited press CNN, BBC, France 24, Press TV and Al Jazeera. It should be noted that all local TV are also invited.